KU VC inaugurates national seminar on ‘Law, Justice and Social Change’

Srinagar: The School of Law University of Kashmir on Friday organised a national seminar on ‘Law, Justice and Social Change in A Globalised World’.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Nilofer Khan inaugurated the day-long seminar as chief guest, while Dean Research Prof Irshad A Nawchoo was the guest of honour and Registrar Dr Nisar A Mir the special guest at the inaugural session.

Addressing the law students, faculty and seminar participants, Prof Nilofer said the ultimate aim of the process of law is to “deliver right justice”. She asserted that seminars like the present one can help strengthen the law as the instrument of justice delivery.

Referring to several legal remedies available to people to seek justice, Prof Nilofer asked the participants to imagine how the society would be in absence of laws governing different spheres of our daily lives. She referred to gender justice laws in particular to draw home her point.

The Vice-Chancellor impressed upon the law students to work towards making the instrument of law a more viable instrument of justice in society.

Prof Irshad A Nawchoo talked about evolution of different laws and their amendments from time to time, arguing that modifications in laws should have positive implications on the people at large.

Dr Nisar A Mir said law and justice are interrelated and both are strong agents of positive social change. He advocated for including newer dimensions of law in the curricula of Sociology, Social Work, Women’s Studies and other related disciplines, apart from the law components already being taught to the students.

Prof Mohammad Ayub, former Head and Dean School of Law, delivered the keynote address, highlighting that technology today is “developing its own tools of justice delivery where artificial intelligence is now replacing judges and settling commercial disputes worldwide.”

“In this way the traditional concepts of territorial and pecuniary jurisdictions so common in court-oriented justice delivery systems are completely vanishing,” Prof Ayub said.

Prof M Hussain, Former Head and Dean School of Law, said justice has been a “very difficult word for legal fraternity for a long time”. He also discussed the “order-disorder” paradigm of law and justice-delivery in what he called “today’s globalised milieu”.

Prof Beauty Banday, Head and Dean School of Law, delivered the welcome address and underlined the importance of the present seminar, which is being attended by participants from different parts of the country.

Dr Shehnaz delivered the vote of thanks and Dr Hakim Yasir Abbas conducted proceedings of the inaugural session.

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