78 countries excluding Pakistan to participate in ‘No Money For Terror’ Conference: NIA DG

New Delhi: Except for Pakistan about 78 countries and multilateral organisations are set to participate in the third edition of the ‘No Money For Terror’ Conference being organised in the national capital from tomorrow, said National Investigation Agency (NIA) Director General (DG) Dinkar Gupta on Thursday.

The third edition of the ‘No Money For Terror’ Conference is being organised in the national capital on November 18 and 19.

Addressing a press conference, the NIA DG said, “78 countries and multilateral organisations are participating in the third edition of the ‘No Money For Terror’ Conference being organised in the national capital on November 18-19.”

He further said that social media platforms are used as crowdfunding platforms, and finances raised through such sources are ultimately used for terror purposes while adding “This is an issue which needs to be discussed.”

“Pakistan is not participating in the ‘No Money For Terror’ Conference being organised in Delhi on November 18-19,” said Gupta.

Secretary West (MEA) Sanjay Verma said that China has been invited to the ‘No Money For Terror’ Conference.

“Traditional methods of Hawala money and new ways of terror financing would be part of the discussion in the conference. Over 20 Ministers of all countries are participating in the conference,” said NIA DG.

Gupta said that there is no doubt that there has been a huge reduction in terrorism and violent extremism but the battle has to be fought.

In the conference, which will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi around 11 am, India will seek cooperation from all countries to address challenges in combating terrorism financing.

Crowdfunding; anonymous, decentralised and untraceable nature of terror financing; effective multilateral and multi-stakeholder approach in identification and mitigation of threats of emerging terror-financing mechanisms; misuse of non-profit and nongovernment organisations as front structures for financing terror activities are among other serious agendas to be raised in the two-day international conference scheduled on November 18-19.

This is the 3rd Ministerial ‘No Money for Terror’ Conference, and India is hosting it for the first time.

This Conference aims to progress the discussions on combating terrorist financing held by the international community in the previous two Conferences in Paris (2018) and Melbourne (2019). It also intends to include discussions on technical, legal, regulatory and cooperation aspects of all facets of terrorism financing. It attempts to also set the pace for other high-level official and political deliberations, focused on countering terrorist financing.

India will point out how additional challenges rise in terms of the inclusion and regulation of the private sector as well as the extension of technical assistance to smaller financial institutions, said another source, privy to the development.

India will also emphasize the cooperation among states carried out at the international, national and regional levels which need coordinated responses from intergovernmental and national law enforcement agencies, said the source.

To bridge the gap between the private and public sectors and facilitate better information sharing and cooperation among the various stakeholders Financial Intelligence Units were established (FIUs), said the source, adding focus will be on “more coordination” among all stakeholders.

The conference will further India’s efforts to build understanding and cooperation amongst nations in the fight against terror financing.

Union Minister for Home Affairs Amit Shah will conclude the event and convey India’s determination in its fight against terrorism as well as its support systems for achieving success against it.

The hosting of this conference shows the importance being given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Central government to the issue of international terrorism as well as its zero-tolerance policy against this menace and having discussions on this issue in the international community.

Globally, countries have been affected by terrorism and militancy for several years. The pattern of violence differs in most theatres but is largely engendered by a tumultuous geo-political environment, coupled with prolonged armed sectarian conflicts. Such conflicts often lead to poor governance, political instability, economic deprivation and large ungoverned spaces. The involvement of a complaint State often exacerbates terrorism, especially it’s financing.

India has suffered several forms of terrorism and its financing over more than three decades, hence it understands the pain and trauma of similarly impacted nations. In order to display solidarity with peace-loving nations and to help create a bridge for sustained cooperation on countering terrorist financing, India has hosted two global events in October – the annual General Assembly of the Interpol in Delhi and a special session of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee in Mumbai and Delhi. The forthcoming NMFT Conference will further our efforts to build understanding and cooperation among nations.

Discussions at the 3rd ‘No Money For Terror’ Conference will be focussed on global trends in terrorism and terrorist financing, the use of formal and informal channels of funds for terrorism, emerging technologies and terrorist financing and requires international cooperation to address related challenges.

The Conference intends to bring together representatives of 75 countries and international bodies for extended deliberations over two days.

The conference is being organised here by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) under the supervision of the MHA.

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