Baba’s house

…great life

Fiza Tanvi

Why do people say that life is not good, there is no pleasure in life, it is just passing by, why do people say that it is like a silent night….

There was never a moment in my life when I used these words.

My every moment is more beautiful than the first moment, when I open my eyes in the morning, my mother’s screams are heard in my ears, get up, how long will you sleep, Ammi says, until the sun shines on your head, madam, go to sleep. She doesn’t wake up, these words belong to every day. My morning is with these words of my mother. Ammi gets 95 abuses

Out of that 20 mobile phone, 30 momos, pakodas and fried things, 50 will shine my name in the in-laws house.

In the evening, when Baba comes home from the hospital, I tell Baba all my mother’s complaints.

I become completely innocent in front of her, so innocent as if not even a word came out of my mouth when my mother scolded me.

Me and baba eat kachoria with tea in the evening, ammi is allergic to fried things, baba brings double roti for ammi, evening tea and kachoria clears ammi’s anger throughout the day, ammi and baba He feeds me with his hands, we three sit and talk a lot, at this time Ammi looks at me with surprised eyes, she says to Baba, today Nisha is with us, tomorrow we will have our right to our daughter. Or not, my eyes get wet after hearing Ammi’s words.

Baba and Ammi embrace me, this time it seems like the mercy of God, my family, my mother, my father put their hands on my head, they ask for my best luck, like the evening bud turns into a flower in the morning. Yes, in the same way, my mother’s love is something else in the morning and something else in the evening. So on that day my Shiamat comes, and if I am not there, she takes it for me and keeps it in the fridge.

If she comes, she will eat it. Nani’s house is in the neighborhood. Nani always sends something. Nani knows that I like black dal khichdi very much. Ammi doesn’t like black dal at all. My dinner is always made by Nani. He comes from home, Ammi says that she has turned black after eating black dal, but she does not stop eating black dal. Taking it, Baba said to Nani, don’t send khichdi now, from today I will also eat white khichdi.

That’s when I said to whom did my mother go, really Baba, from today we both mother and daughter will eat safed khichdi.

Such is the life of Ashiana Baba with colors like mine. Like the color on the wings of a butterfly, one day the color of my Nisha will remain on our hands and Nisha will go away from us like a butterfly.

Ammi starts to shed tears after listening to Baba’s words. Ammi doesn’t like the roti at all. I go to the kitchen and drop the cup on the floor. Wali Baba knows, I have broken the cup on purpose.

I like Ammi when she is angry, but not at all when she is crying.

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