Sgr’s MBA graduate prefers business, emerges as role model

By: Zubair Qureshi/IANS

Srinagar: The youth of Jammu and Kashmir are now showing their potential not only in the union territory but also outside. They prefer to stand on their own feet instead of depending on government jobs.

A good example of this is given by Arjmand Azad Qureshi, who was born in Kashmir, but is currently providing authentic products of centuries-old, famous Kashmiri handicrafts from Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh to the world.

Arjumand Azad Qureshi, an MBA graduate from UK’s University of Wales, was twice shortlisted for a government job in the Kashmir Valley but still prioritized his passion for business and is now a successful entrepreneur.

Arjamand belongs to Dara Haroon of Srinagar district. Arjamand is also an operational manager accredited by India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).

According to Arjamand, Kashmiri products are being exported to foreign countries like the UK, Malaysia, the US, Canada, Australia, Mauritius, Bangladesh and Dubai, etc., and he is earning good profits.

Arjamand said, “Business was my passion, that’s why I preferred business despite being shortlisted twice for government jobs, because of the unfavourable situation in Kashmir, I was repeatedly faced with problems and losses. So I took this initiative in Himachal Pradesh, the result of which is ‘The Kashmir Stag’, which is in front of you.”

Arjamand founded ‘The Kashmir Stag’ on October 24, 2020 and currently has a showroom in Badul Dharam Shamal as well as a Kashmiri Handicraft Gift Shop in Sidhpur, Dharamsala. According to Arjamad, he is going to launch his brand in London and the US soon.

According to Arjumand, the main objective of this initiative is to make authentic products of Kashmiri handicrafts available to everyone. He said that he is getting good responses from people.

“Most of the clients tell me that we were always worried about the authenticity of these Kashmiri products, but we have found a place where we can buy authentic Kashmiri products. ”

Arjamand Qureshi further said, “Now that the situation in Kashmir is becoming favourable, I will try to start a showroom of ‘The Kashmir Stag’ in my homeland Kashmir as well.” (IANS)


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