Admin launches SUKOON awareness campaign

Srinagar: In order to create mass awareness among youth regarding the features of SUKOON, a Mental Helpline and help that can be availed, the Divisional Administration Kashmir launched SUKOON Helpline campaign through visual display of messages through electronic display screens across Srinagar.

Messages to aware public  of various reasons to call SUKOON MENTAL HELPLINE included Seven signs Your Mental Health is getting Bad, You don’t enjoy things you liked before?, You are finding it difficult to concentrate or Focus, Your View of yourself and world feels negative, Your appetite or sleep seems different, you are starting to withdraw from friends and family, You feel exhausted or your basic activities and chores seem difficult, Nasha Mukht Bharat etc.

At a time when drug abuse among youth rang warning bells across the Kashmir Valley, Divisional Administration swung into action to curb the menace by using iron fist against drug peddlers.

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