Saffron, symbol of Kashmir

The ongoing saffron festival in Pampore area is a reminder to every Kashmiri that saffron needs to be preserved and its reputation be maintained as it reaches every corner of the world. It is a symbol of Kashmir.
During the past few years J&K administration has taken several steps to boost saffron production through technological interventions, support and irrigation facilities. These initiatives have helped the farmers to increase their yield and earnings.
The GI tagging has proven to be a major step towards guaranteeing the authenticity of saffron produced in Kashmir. It’s an internationally acclaimed product and needs to be cultivated in a way that it meets the international standards.
The demand of Kashmiri saffron across the globe has increased manifolds due to the efforts being put in by the officials, scientists and the growers to make it a number one product in the world.
Special efforts are being put in to ensure that all the globally accepted quality parameters are met during the cultivation and post harvest management of the saffron.
The growers are being made aware about the importance of Karewa land and they are being told to ensure that this land should not be used for any other purpose as it produces world’s best saffron.
The ongoing saffron festival is an opportunity for the stakeholders to come forward and share their experiences with the tourists, who are visiting the saffron fields to experience the beautiful landscape and the magnificent aroma of the saffron.
The saffron has a potential to become a brand ambassador of Kashmir tourism. The Tourism Department has taken a commendable step by organizing the saffron festival. It needs to take more initiatives to promote the products and beauty of Kashmir across the globe.
The government has been working hard to increase the production of saffron, but other stakeholders too need to put in similar efforts to safeguard the rich heritage of the Valley.
Products like saffron are a symbol of Kashmir’s fertile land and the Kareva land needs to be protected at any cost. Encroachers and the land mafia, which is out to turn Kashmir into a concrete jungle, should be kept away from the fertile lands of the Valley to protect the indigenous products of Kashmir.

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