Mother: A divine gift

Fiza Tanvi

In my childhood, I got a lot of love from everyone. Both my mother and father loved me a lot.
But when I got a little older, I don’t know why Ammi’s love decreased.
She used to get angry on small things, she used to make a big deal out of everything.
When I was getting up, sitting, walking, eating, sleeping, I used to get rid of everything.
Every daughter loves her mother, but I didn’t love my mother at all, her harsh words hurt me.  She wanted to get  married quickly to gain freedom from everyday hardships, but she did not have any special hobby.
If the marriage takes place, there will be no one to say, morning and evening troubles will be over.
Sitting near the window, she was looking at the birds sitting on the tree, she was feeling freedom, there was no one to tell them, go where they want, when they return home, with whom to be friends and with whom not.  There was no closure either.
I heard Ammi’s voice, Jeenat, come down and eat, Ammi was calling me downstairs, after eating, I washed the dishes, Ammi went to the kitchen and started screaming loudly, how did she wash the dishes.  .In her eyes, my work was that of Basilico, so she scolded me day and night.
I heard the sound of the door being closed from outside, leaving Ammi talking, I went out. Baba was coming in with a foil for kebab. After seeing the kebab, i was not angry anymore, now Ammi left me and went down on Baba.  I have gone, I have spoiled the girl, when she has any complaint from her in-laws, then I will send it to you.
Baba did not get angry on Ammi, whenever Ammi got angry, Baba used to smile and go about his work.
After going to the room, I took a lot of snacks and ate some kebabs. I left a few for Ammi and Baba. Baba said he did not want to eat and asked me to hand them over to Ammi. I stood silently. Baba took the bag from my hand and went to Ammi.  Ammi was crying sitting on the throne in the room. Baba put the bag in front of her, Ammi started to understand that she cries herself and makes her daughter cry too.  Lagigi is still young, love her, we have only one daughter. Give her love and compassion. Before going to the in-laws, the daughter looks carefree. The mother’s daughter is stubborn and careless, and after becoming a daughter-in-law, she is on the second stage.  I have wisdom and understanding, and our daughter is still intelligent.
Ammi said that it is fine, she is not scolding your daughter, Baba said, not mine, but ours..
After Baba’s understanding, for a few days, the train would run on the right track and after some time, it would divert again.The same sadness would appear on my face…
One day the neighbor Khalid uncle told me about the relationship, the boy was an MBBS doctor, the family was very good.
Zamana was public, the character of Zaheed’s daughter used to speak less, her face was innocent, she went out of her house without any reason, always being Mehdood up to the books.
Baba was very pleased and the people of that place also went away after seeing it.
Everyone was very happy, Baba asked Ammi, Ammi refused, I will not do this relationship.
Baba was very surprised, after all, why is the boy good, he is well educated, the family is good, Ammi said that this relationship cannot happen.
Baba did not know why Ammi was refusing, I also did not understand, what is the reason, my future mother-in-law was very lovely, she could not sleep at night without talking to me.  I felt that my own mother was always scolding me, she never sat near me and spoke to me, my mother never praised my work, she never spoke to me when I was not there or when my guests went to eat.  No, he never said, son, I miss you.
I felt the loss of my mother in my mother-in-law, they were like brothers in law, they used to joke like sisters, it was a happy family, such a family that every girl prays to meet, I did not want this relationship.  Mana ho, Baba was well aware of me, he recognized my emotions, so he was trying to convince Ammi.  Baba was getting upset seeing my condition, food used to be prepared in the house, but the one time meal would last for two or two times, the whole atmosphere was sad.
I used to spend the whole day in my room. Finally, my condition worsened. I was sent to the hospital. The news reached my in-laws. Everyone started coming to see. My mother-in-law, she used to sit with me in the morning and evening, brother-in-law, and all.  They used to feed me something or the other all the time, they used to leave jokes to make me laugh, Ammi was standing next to me, maybe I was angry with her in my heart, she was not talking to me, nor was I talking to her.
After a while Ammi went out followed by Baba.
Baba took her home and scolded Ammi a lot, why are you being the enemy of your daughter’s happiness, did you not see how lucky she is to have a green family, Ammi clung to him and started crying, I called papa.  Papa picked up the phone and put it on the table without talking.
I heard my mother’s voice. I am not an executioner, I am not coming between the happiness of my child. You do not know who I am.  i am mother
Saying, Ammi sat down
Her words were in my ears, but the rain was falling from my eyes. Ammi continued, I am not an enemy of my daughter, I  cannot get her married so far away.  My heart does not testify, Baba’s eyes were wet, my tears were not stopping, the phone was on speaker, my in-laws were all listening.  After wiping the tears from my eyes, my mother-in-law hugged me to her chest.  And I got leave to go home too..
When I went home, I hugged my mother and cried so much, I had never this bad. A mother who always looks like an enemy can love so much.  Mother is the attribute that even nature cannot understand.
Baba said, Now prepare for the marriage. As for your daughter, distance is not important if it is happiness.
The happiness of the child is the happiness of the parents.
Daughter may be far away but happy
Ammi hugged me and said be happy my child.
May Allah keep you happy and healthy…

( Author is a student and is preparing for her entrance examination for Mass Communication.)

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