Children contribute 6% of cancer patients in Kashmir

Srinagar: At least six percent cancer patients in Kashmir are children and among them leukemia is the most common.

Figures show that around 5 to 6 percent of cancer patients in Kashmir are children, among whom leukemia is the most common.

The word ‘leukemia’ literally means white blood, just like the disease where abnormal white blood is produced creating problems while compromising the overall health.

A doctor said leukemia is highly curable if detected early.

He said the survival rate is between 70-80 percent. He said many factors result in late detection majorly due to lack of awareness.

Apart from this, he said many myths have created turmoil in people’s minds about childhood cancer.

“Cancer is not the end of the world. Children with cancer can lead a normal childhood. Many children return to normal school life after treatment. Parents of these children should not worry as there is treatment available to treat children suffering from cancer,” the doctor said. (KINS)

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