Gujarat: Youth kills friend over love triangle

Vadodara: A youth was murdered by his friend over a love traingle in Vadodra district in Gujarat.

The body of Daksh Patel was found from the basement of Akankar tower on Tuesday. The body had stab wounds on chest and stomach and hands and legs were tied.

Based on CCTV footage, police suspected that Daksh Patel was accompanied by his friend Parth Kothari on the day of his murder after which it questioned the latter.

During questioning, Partha admitted before the police that he had killed Daksh.

Daksh and Parth were taking tuitions in Yuvi academy for the last one and half years. At the institution, Daksh was having an affair with Prarthna. However, Partha had one-sided love for Prarthana.

In order to establish a relationship with Prarthna, Parth hatched a conspiracy to kill Daksh. (IANS)

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