DGP Prison Murder: Police seize diary of accused


Jammu: Police have also seized some documentary evidence, including his diary, reflecting the mental state of the accused domestic help Yasir Ahmed who hails from Ramban Jammu.”

What appears to be Yasir Ahmed’s diary reveals a depressed mind fixated on death. “Dear death, come into my life,” says a note. “I’m sorry I am having bad day, week, month, year, life,” says another.

The diary has songs in Hindi, one of which is titled, “Bhula dena mujhe (Forget me)”. Other pages are filled with short sentences and notes – “I hate my life”, “Life is just grief…” – and one has a chart that starts with a drawing of a phone battery labelled “My Life 1%”. “Love 0%, Tension 90%, Sad 99%, Fake Smile 100%,” it reads.

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