Employees look for job change as long remote work hours take heavy toll on them

New Delhi: One out of two Indian employees is currently looking for a job change due to burnout triggered by long remote working hours, a report showed on Tuesday.

Burnout is the pandemic’s unrecognised health epidemic and has been a significant impact on working professionals, organisations and larger communities.

According to a report by UserTesting, a leader in video-based human insight, while 50 per cent of the country’s workforce stated workload as a major factor leading to burnout, 20 per cent stated work-life imbalance and 15 per cent stated monotony as the prime cause of their stress.

Working from home has given professionals much needed flexibility and also proven to increase their productivity and efficiency.

However, this arrangement has its drawbacks too. According to the survey, remote workers are working longer hours, attending more meetings and managing more communication channels.

About 55 per cent of professionals reported experiencing an increase in their work hours since the pandemic-induced lockdown.

As per the survey, 80 per cent of respondents said they are still following the hybrid work model, while 10 per cent reported working from the office and working from home respectively.

Because of the flexibility that hybrid model provides, 55 per cent of respondents stated that they can balance their personal and professional life better with such a work culture.

“Interestingly, 70 per cent of Indians responded that hybrid work has led to increased work satisfaction,” the findings showed.

Furthermore, 10 per cent of workers said their employers were organising social events to combat burnout.

The employees recommended that their employers ensure mandatory downtime after work hours, employee-care activities, and more specified deadlines. (IANS)

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