Russian Forces to get Zircon hypersonic missiles in months: Putin

Moscow: The Russian Armed Forces will obtain Zircon hypersonic missile systems in the coming months, the country’s President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday.

“The capabilities of the Navy … are constantly improving. Suffice it to mention the latest Zircon hypersonic missile systems, which are unstoppable and have no analogues in the world. Dear comrades, their delivery to the Russian Armed Forces will begin in the coming months,” Putin said during the Navy Day parade.

The frigate Admiral Gorshkov will be the first to take up combat duty with this weapon on board, he was quoted as saying by Xinhua news agency.

“The duty area of the ship equipped with Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles will be determined based on the interests of ensuring Russia’s security,” he said.

Putin said earlier that a Zircon missile could have a speed of Mach 9 (over 11,000 kph) and a flight range of more than 1,000 km.


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