Kashmiri youth calligraphy 500-meter-long Qura’an in 7 months

Srinagar: It took 26 year-old Mustafa-Ibn-Jameel almost seven months to write the Holy Quran on a 500-meter-long paper scroll to achieve a feat.

A resident of Tulail Gurez in north Kashmir’s border district of Bandipora , Jameel was spending 18 hours daily to calligraphy the Holy book and has recorded his name in the Lincoln Book of records, Asian book of records and Indian book of records. He is yet to send his papers to register his name in the International book of records.

However, he could not make it to the Guinness book of world records as an Egyptian Saad Mohammad has already achieved this record by calligraphy the 700 meter long holy Quraan, Jameel said.

The 500 meter long paper scroll Quran weights 32 kgs and fully laminated is a dream come true project for this devotional youth. The Quran had about 13 lakh dots to design its borders completed in July 2022 on the eve of Eid-Ul-Azha, he said.

Jameel has several projects in his mind and presently is engaged in translating the Holy book of Quraan in his native “Sheena” language also.

He has a desire to continue spending his life on such projects…”I have given my half of life to it and I will render my whole time with the Islamic literature and calligraphy”, Jameel said and added “I don’t want to stop doing this work by now in any way”.

Jameel’s belong to a poor family as his father Jameel Ahmad Lone had died in a young 35-years-old age following a snow avalanche.

“I could not continue my education as I failed to pass the Math paper in the Matriculation examination which in my view was very tough and I gave up studies”, he said.

He said “for the past four to five years I was trying to improve my handwriting in Urdu language like the small children do during their initial education by writing pages’ ‘.

He said after improving my handwriting there was no such intention to calligraphy the holy Quran although it was in my mind since childhood like a dream but found almost impossible to cherish in this time of the world.

Jameel used basic things, “Qalam” , a wooden pen, for improving his hand writing without any guidance from anyone.

He said after practicing several months he got in his mind to calligraphy the holy Quraan…”if not full, may be few “paras” (Chapters) with the intention to further improve my hand writing”, he said and added “When I completed first five “Paras” of the holy Quraan I saw my handwriting has much improved”.

He said writing also taught me how much time it requires in calligraphy, the full Quran.

“During the practice my soul and my mind encouraged me that nothing is impossible and with devotion and dedication it became possible for me to calligraphy the holy Quraan”, he added.

When asked why he choose to calligraphy Quraan, he said that “the atmosphere where I am living in Gurez valley is more of devotional and religious especially from the mothers family side who are spiritually more related with the religion and my soul was already devote to them which gave me inner feeling to calligraphy the holy Quraan”. “I was a little bit more attached with the Islamic literature right from my childhood”, he added

He said in 2017-18 he started his first project of calligraphy, the holy Quran, which he completed in 11 months and weighs 21 kg but page by page separately. The Quraan was eye-catching but not as much as that of the present one. He said “I also have two more Quraan two in “Nasdaq” font and one in “Nastaliq” font.

He said “It took me six years to make myself perfect for this project by working 18-hours a day from 2021 to calligraphy the Holy Quraan of a different pattern”.

He said the material was not available in Kashmir in the open market and in November 2021 I arranged paper for the writing …art paper 135 GSM from Delhi after spending two months there. (UNI)

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