Both houses bid farewell to President Kovind

New Delhi: The members of Parliament bid farewell to the outgoing president of India Ramnath Kovind at a function held in the Central Hall of Parliament House on Saturday, Lok Sabha Secretariat said in a statement.

The farewell event saw the presence of Vice President of India and Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi; Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla as well. A signature book was gifted to Kovind on the occasion.

Speaker Birla called the ceremony a proud occasion for the members who gathered to express their gratitude and reverence for Kovind.

He praised the President and said Kovind elevated the stature and brought dignity to the highest office during his five-year tenure.

Referring to the long journey of Shri Kovind in public service and his long association with Parliament, Shri Birla said that as a Member of Parliament guided by the spirit of empowerment through education, “Shri Kovind contributed to the spread of education in rural areas as well as in the field of higher education with an emphasis on providing basic facilities and enhancing their quality. Continuous emphasis was laid on ideas such as higher participation of women in nation building and the creation of more opportunities for the disadvantaged sections of the society, especially the differently-abled and the infirm,”.

He also added that Kovind’s unwavering commitment to important issues of public interest is a testament to his dedication to public service.

Birla also praised Kovind’s addresses to the Parliament and said that the words reflect “his (Kovind) deep understanding of political and social issues facing the nation and his clear thought process towards their solutions.”

In his speech, Shri Birla observed that the President’s address given in Parliament reflects his vision,

“His addresses to the Members of Parliament have inspired all political parties alike and inspired them to their responsibilities. This is the reason that Shri Kovind has received the full support of the leaders of all the parties and all Members of Parliament see him as the guardian of constitutional values and ideals,” Birla added.

Kovind served as the 14th President of India from July 2017 to 2022. He will be succeeded by BJP leader Draupadi Murmu who will take oath as the 16th President of India on Monday.

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