Road Repairs

People have high hopes that roads will be made motorable to ease the woes of motorists and pedestrians’ through the dilapidated patches. The full scale restoration is still to begin even as patch work is being carried out at few places.

Last year the government macadamized an extensive road network but due to various factors there is again need for repairs.  Successive governments had been trying to keep roads in better condition. However there is a repeated need for repairs.   While some roads have been ignored for a long time, most were battered by the winter’s snowfall and frost.

Without any doubt, the severe winter conditions cause breaking up and shattering of the road surface due to seepage and frost action. Means of clearance are pathetic also. How well these roads can be protected from the weather vagaries is for the concerned department engineers and the government to work out. In the last several decades, no thought has apparently gone to address it and perhaps it needs a look into, particularly to find out if the problems lie beyond or including compaction, and surfacing etc. The top functionaries of concerned departments have time and again said that there would be no compromise on the quality of work. The statement though assuring remains restricted to paper only. All the concerned need to find out if insufficient or poor quality material is used in the construction. Not only the Macdamisation of road surface in terms of macadam thickness, its consistency, quality of tar and proper compaction with road rollers need to be seen, the metalling and allied basics needs proper monitoring for durable roads.

The departments should start finding answers as to why every year there is a need to blacktop the roads. If answers are known, necessary steps need to be taken in advance to save the surface from damages.

While insufficient drainage allows rainwater and snowmelt to seep into the road surface, the concerned need to look into the issue and shall address it because it would solve two problems: one that the roads would be saved and second water logging during rains can be prevented.  The concerned departments need to step up the processes during the present time and utilize the current warmer weather to best advantage.  The administration needs to address the prime and allied issue on priority.


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