Approach Directorates for postings, transfer issues: SED to Masters, Teachers

Srinagar: Authorities on Friday directed the Masters and Teachers to approach Directorates of School Education for their issues regarding their posting and transfers.

It has been leant that the Principal Secretary, School Education Department has said that an impression has been created that all decisions regarding transfer and posting of Masters and Teachers are being taken by the School Education Department.

A general notice in this regard issued by the department reads, “Fact is that processing of all online applications through an automated process through NIC is being done on the basis of inputs from CPIS, Director School Education Jammu and Kashmir and CEOs. No additional input is being utilized by the School Education Department.”

The notice states that “On the basis of these inputs and processing, these outputs and outcomes are being sent to Director School Education Jammu and Kashmir and CEO’s for verification and issuance of transfer orders at their end.”

“The basis of three stages Annual Transfer Drive (ATD) 2022 is being followed by Director School Education Jammu and Kashmir and CEO’s in case of Masters and Teachers respectively,” it reads.

“Hence Masters and Teachers are requested to approach Director School Education Jammu and Kashmir for their issues regarding posting and transfers. Hope, ATD 2022 will result in maximum satisfaction and will restore dignity and prestige of our teaching community,” Principal Secretary said.(KNO)

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