India test fires nuclear capable Agni-4 missile

New Delhi: India on Monday successfully test fired an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Agni-4 at 7:30 PM from APJ Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha.

The successful test was part of routine user training launches carried out under the aegis of the Strategic Forces Command, the Defence Ministry said.

The launch validated all operational parameters as also the reliability of the system. The successful test reaffirms India’s policy of having a ‘Credible Minimum Deterrence’ Capability, the Ministry added.

The nuclear capable Agni-4 is a solid-fuelled Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile with a range of up to 4,000 km.

The modern missile is equipped with compact avionics to ensure high level of reliability and precision. The missile has the ability to guide itself for in-flight disturbances, sources said.

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