Zelensky declares Russia ‘a terrorist state’

Kiev: Ukraine’s President Vlodymyr Zelensky declared Russia ‘a terrorist state’ after a rocket attack in front of a civilian public administration building in Kharkiv on Tuesday.

The attack destroyed the road in front of the building and damaged the building Zelensky, termed the attack in the central square of Kharkiv as ‘an open, undisguised terror’ attack and warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that ‘no one will forgive. No one will forget’.

Zelensky has already accused Putin of war crimes after Moscow’s forces launched cluster and vacuum bomb attacks. Prosecutors at The Hague have also said they intend to open a probe on this particular incident ‘as soon as possible’.

Zelensky said this after what appeared to be a cluster bomb attack on the city of Kharkiv on Monday which killed at least 11 people and wounded several, and after Ukraine’s ambassador to the US accused Putin’s forces of using a banned thermobaric bomb on the capital of Kyiv overnight. (UNI)


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