Reopening of Schools: PSAJK asks schools to celebrate first week as week of happiness

‘No stress, no mandatory uniforms, no tests, sharing experiences to be part of first week’

Srinagar: Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) today said that the the first week of re-opening of schools will be celebrated as a week of happiness and sharing of experiences, so that students start the session in a stress free environment.

The Association said that the last two years of closure of schools and pandemic situation has severely affected school children and apart from education they need emotional healing. “These two years have been very tough for the entire society. We have to deal with so many problems and children are often the silent sufferers. So we have to keep in mind the psychological status of these children. They have to be gently made part of the school system again without overwhelming them,” said Var. “So we have asked schools to celebrate the first week as a sort of home coming week which should be full of fun filled activities and counselling of students.”

The Association said that opening of schools is a moment when after many seasons of separation, our children shall be back with us, when our empty school – compounds shall come alive again. The Association stressed that while we celebrate going back to school, we must make sure that we give children also reasons to celebrate this return. “The school coming should be such that children will remember it for their entire life and cherish this moment. For the time being let us keep the books aside and ask children what they have missed and what they want. Engage them in a activities like painting, poetry and story writing, sports activities, science activities and above all listen to their stories. Every children must have a story to tell. Ask them to speak and share their stories. It will help them a lot and relieve them of any burden that they may be carrying,” said Var.

The Association has asked schools to decorate their classrooms and create a festive atmosphere. “There should be no examination or tests during the first week, no mandatory uniform and a stress free atmosphere,” said Var. “We have a whole year for education and let us celebrate the first week of reopening of schools as a big festival.”

The Association said that there must be children who lost their parents or a sibling to the cruel pandemic gone by. “Some must have been unwell.  Share their agony. Share your goodwill. There must be some children who left their books in long back and will touch them again now. Tell them not to worry. Reassure them,” the Association advised the schools. “Share your dreams with the children.  Your vision of the school. Your vision of the world. Let the children speak. Listen to their aspirations. Tell them times have changed. Make them feel that you have grown as a teacher while the children have also grown up too. It is a new opportunity for most of them, respect their egos. Welcome them Console them & Comfort them and don’t stress them with exams. Let these exams be delayed for first two weeks.”

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