Vaccination Must

Jammu and Kashmir like any other part in this part of the globe is witnessing a steady return to normalcy after an overwhelming spike in Covid-19 infections during the third wave.  From huge numbers, the covid-19 numbers have dropped to double-digit and many districts even record zero cases. On Sunday, 54 cases were reported while there was no death as a consequence. All this sounds good and it is here where complacency creeps in and may prove damaging. Even as the new infections reported are a few, they continue to crop up nevertheless. Two years after the coronavirus first surfaced in Wuhan area of China, the world remains far from getting a grip on it. In the process, the pathogen has wrought havoc claiming lives and livelihood. Economy is far from fully recovering.  There is still need to stay alert. Vaccination remains the key and also strict observance and enforcement of Standard Operating Procedures.

A significant number of the population in J& is still without vaccination. And they remain most vulnerable.

There is great sense to give pretty much everyone a booster shot. To date, not all in the 15 or above have received vaccines. Research including that done specifically on the vaccines available in India shows that a booster dose is not just effective but also necessary. Scientists around the globe are also coming around to the view that with three doses, people will be able to deal with most future variants of the Sars-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19.

Given the importance, it is time that they too get their shot. Elderly population and healthcare workers need to take booster doses without delay. As per the government’s own showing, 729 doses of covid-19 vaccine were administered on Sunday. There is a need to ensure that more and more people take the vaccine.

To reduce the rate of transmission within J&K, all efforts shall be made by Authorities through active involvement of PRIs, Community Leaders, Market Associations and Federations.

Government has rightly underlined that the IEC campaign for containing Covid cases shall be undertaken by all District Magistrates (Chairperson, District Disaster Management Authorities) in their respective jurisdictions highlighting the necessity of Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB). The Department of Health and Medical Education, Jammu and Kashmir shall continue to sensitise people about the Variants of Concern/variants of Interest (VoCA/ol) of Covid-19 including the new Variant B. 1.1.529 (Omicron).

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