With huge tourism potential, picturesque Sheikhpora in Sallar craves for Govt attention

By: Ahmad Shabir

Anantnag: The enchanting beauty of Shiekhpora area of Sallar Pahalgam might be attracting a huge number of people in summers but the picturesque place continues to await the attention of authorities to get figured on tourism map.

With a huge tourism potential, the locals are yet to see the spot with scenic beauty being developed as a tourist place.

The big green pastures and tall alpines all around the spot have given it the name of Chota Gulmarg locally.

The road to the destination stems from Khanabal-Bijbehara road near Sallar village and is dotted by the green and tall alpine trees from both the sides.

The breathtaking view all along the road leading to the spot is forcing the visitors to make frequent stops and enjoy nature.

Though on the right side of the road, one can come across scattered old fashioned mud and wooden houses and cottages belonging to the people from Gujjar communities but when one goes deep towards the left through the alpines, the big green pastures covered by tall mountains from the upper side are a common sight.

As the summer sets in, people from different areas of Anantnag district start flooding the spot.

Besides being the favorite outing spot for families, which can be seen dining, photographing and resting under the shadow of alpines, the destination also remains the most favoured picnic spot for school children.

However, the area with such scenic beauty and having huge tourism potential sans all the basic facilities like water , transport or washrooms causing inconvenience to the people visiting the area.

Though the road to the area is blacktopped, there is hardly any transport plying on the road, causing severe inconvenience to the people living in the area.

Local residents said that the tourism authorities have failed to bring the beautiful spot on the tourism map and develop it.

“The development of this spot would surely have improved the living standards of the locals but the authorities are focussing on those areas where they need to spend crores to make them attractive,” said a local resident.

The availability of clean water and construction of urinals and toilets in the area will be enough for the promotion of this spot. “You don’t need to spend huge money on advertising for the promotion of the spot. This place attracts people even without having any facilities. And if you keep the basic facilities available here, people will start flooding the area in thousands just with the beginning of summer,” said another resident.

He said that during Covid when visits to Pahalgam were restricted due to Covid 19 in the last two years, the destination witnessed huge influx of local tourists.

Riyaz Ahmad, a local from Anantnag said that the spot really deserves the attention of authorities. “For the last three years, I have been visiting the spot continuously along with my family as the fresh air and green pastures there soothe the nerves. But what troubles you is that there is the lack of facilities like clean water, urinals and public toilets,” Ahmad said.

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