Cleaning Ganga an environmental issue: PM Modi

Prayagraj: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the work of cleaning the Ganga was not done from a communal point of view but it is an environmental issue.

“Similarly, the work being done in Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura, Prayagraj, Kedarnath, Badrinath but the leaders of dynasty politics termed the issue as communal, he alleged while addressing an election rally at Bela Cachar of Phaphamau Assembly constituency in Gangapar here on Thursday.

The Prime Minister also campaigned for the seven assembly seats of Pratapgarh including Soraon, Pratappur, Phulpur, Handia, Bara, Meja, Karchana, Phaphamau, City North, City South, City West in the district.

The PM said, “I present the facts to you from a new perspective. Two years ago, two crore people reached Mecca to perform Hajj and Umrah. Apart from this, one crore people had reached Vatican City. The governments there had made better arrangements. There was also faith and opportunities for livelihood also increased. Similarly, in Ayodhya, Kashi, Prayagraj, Kedarnath and Badrinath, tourism also increases as the number of devotees increases, economic activities increase, people are getting employment, business from inns to hotels is increasing. The government of double engine is emphasizing on connectivity because people get employment, business will increase and economic prosperity comes. Airports are being built, modern expressways are being built. Roads are being laid, bridges are being built, infrastructure is being strengthened. Facilities and resources are being increased in terms of tourism”. Prime Minister said that this land is a witness to the friendship of Lord Shri Ram and Nishadraj. The blood of the sacrifice of the immortal revolutionary martyr Chandrashekhar Azad is also mixed in this soil.

“After four phases of polling in UP, people are giving full blessings to BJP and allies. UP is moving ahead with big dreams. The government of double engine is busy fulfilling these dreams fast. We have leaders like Yogi, Keshav, Anupriya and Sanjay Nishad while on the other side there are leaders spreading rumors about vaccine. The country cannot be built without strong leadership. They are not only promoting dynastic politics but escapists and superstitious. They do not go to Noida and Bijnor so that the chair does not go away. UP will not accept such superstitious leadership. The younger generation will not trust such superstitious people,” he said.

Modi said, “Prayagraj is place of meritorious youth. The government before 2017 cheated these youths. Jobs were given by casteism, regionalism, recommendation and bundle of notes, ignoring the merit. Played the game by placing his businessmen in important positions on the commissions. These people gave jobs to only two lakh people during their ten year rule. Whereas Yogi government gave government jobs to five lakh youth in its five years. In this, not recommendation, corruption, nepotism, but the merit and the poor were taken care off”.

Earlier in UP, the syllabus of PCS and UPSC used to be different, it would cost more time and money. The BJP government made the syllabus of both almost the same. Now the youth are able to participate in both the exams with the same hard work. The interviews were waived off from Group C and Group D jobs, a large number of youths got benefits. The PM attacked the previous government with allegations of casteism and nepotism.

He said, “contracts for government projects were given to such people. The entire budget was looted by doing unfinished work. Scams were also done in Kumbh. Similar situation happened in every district of UP and they left unfinished work and ran away with full money. They only satisfied by filling the pockets of their brokers. Now the mafia went to jail under the Yogi government. The world appreciated the divine and grand Kumbh completed under Yogi’s government. UNESCO has accorded World Heritage status to Kumbh. It is a matter of pride.”

Modi said that those who have trouble speaking of Prayagraj will also forget about the importance of Nishadraj. Those who hate the name of Prayagraj, what will they develop here. (UNI)

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