Beware of ‘seasonal leaders’: PM Modi

Kaushambi (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday termed leaders of the opposition parties as ‘seasonal leaders’ and cautioned the people of Uttar Pradesh to remain alert from them.

Addressing a rally at Manjhanpur, Modi said, “You must have seen some seasonal leaders during this corona period. When corona came, they disappeared, when corona got controlled then they returned. When elections came they came out, when elections were over they went abroad. When people were facing problems during the pandemic, they were missing. When elections came, they came out of their houses.”

“These people kept provoking the people of UP against taking the vaccine. And when their turn came, they took the jab secretly. The people of UP have fully recognised such seasonal leaders,” he said. He also slammed the opposition parties for not giving respect to Sardar Patel.

“The dynastic politicians have a problem with everything associated with the honour of the nation. After independence Sardar Patel strengthened the country. In his honour we have made the biggest statue in the world. People from across the world come to see the Statue of Liberty. Even people from UP also go there in large numbers. These dynastic politicians have time to travel abroad, but they do not have time to bow before Sardar Patel,” he said.

He alleged that during the previous government the ration mafia used to usurp the ration meant for the poor. “During the previous government, ration meant for the poor reached the ration mafia. The poor didn’t know when the ration came and when it was distributed,” he said. Modi said, “Brokers of the dynastic politicians used to loot the poor. Even their ministers, MPs and MLAs were involved in this. The BJP government has put an end to all these games of dynastic politicians.”

He said that technology was used to ensure that ration reaches the poor. “By using technology we ensure that a deserving person gets ration. To ensure that the poor do not face problems, the BJP government made ration cards portable. We introduced the facility of ‘one nation, one ration card’,” he said. The PM said that dynastic politicians used to exploit people.

“BJP chose the path of service. They used to build their own houses, we constructed houses for the poor. They looted in the name of jobs and the Yogi government gave jobs to five lakh youths without any partiality,” he said.

He said, “During their regime scam galore – mining scam, food scam, ambulance scam and river front scam. Today every penny is being used for the welfare of the people. During their regime transfer-posting became an industry, today talent is being honoured.”

Modi said that the history of dynastic politicians is a witness that UP’s security cannot be given in their hands.

“During their regime terrorists attack took place one after another. Unfortunately, instead of giving hard punishment Samajwadi Party (SP) government left no stone unturned to favour the accused of the terror attacks,” he said.

“They are the one’s who put blindfold before the terrorism. They compromise with the security of the country for the sake of votes,” he said. Modi said, “If any country or state has to move forward then it needs to remain united. Staying united for the fast development of the country and UP is very important for the bright future of all of us.” (UNI)

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