Strong India needed for humanity: PM

Bahraich (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that amidst the ongoing turmoil at the global level, it was very important that India remains strong not only for the country, but for the entire humanity.

Addressing an election rally at Payagpur, Modi said, “You can see how much turmoil is going on in the world. Nobody is sure what will happen tomorrow or day after. Under such circumstances it is very important that India remains strong not only for the country, but the entire country. Your one vote will make India stronger. Every vote will strengthen the country.”

He cautioned the people that if ‘mafiavadis’ will get a chance out of vendetta, they will end all the schemes meant for the poor and village as they are looking to take revenge. “They are back again, but remember if ‘mafiavadis’ will get a chance they will end all schemes for the villages and the poor. They will end with the sense of vendetta they are looking to take revenge. Will you give a chance to those seeking revenge. Those involved in crime and grabbing will be back, therefore you have to vote for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in maximum number.”

Modi said, “Between 2014 to 2017, I have watched the working, business and exploits of the dynastic politicians very closely. The path of development, which Uttar Pradesh is treading today, the double engine government is equally important in that.”

He said that before 2017, people have faced lot of discrimination. “Before 2017, even the people of Basti, Gonda and Bahraich have faced a lot of discrimination. Now from the last five years the Yogi government is making every effort to make your life easy, which facilitates your lives and gives respect to the poor,” he said.

Modi said, “Due to the efforts of BJP government, the atmosphere of fear is going away from UP. Now those, who created an atmosphere of fear for decades, are themselves living under fear. Now, new ways are opening up for you to move ahead, new avenues are being created.” He said that understanding the plights of poor, the BJP government launched two insurance schemes.

“You all know that if any untoward incident occurs in the house of a poor, what happens to that family. Lack of money creates double trouble in the line of poor. Understanding the plight of poor, our government started the PM Jeevan Jyoti Yojna and the PM Suraksha Bima Yojna,” he added.

As per the PM, “Through these schemes, we gave security cover of Rs two lakh each to the poor. Today, more than 4.5 crore poor brothers and sisters of UP are covered under these schemes. You will be pleased to know that in the last few years, an assistance of Rs 1,000 crore has been given to the poor families in UP directly in their bank accounts.

“Our government does not leave anyone’s side at the time of crisis, in fact it becomes a support system for the poor family. This sensitivity of the government towards the poor has been seen and felt even during this corona period,” he added.

Modi slammed the opposition parties for misleading the people on corona vaccines. “On the vaccines, they told you that it is BJP’s vaccine, BJP’s lotus vaccine, so don’t take it. So just like you didn’t listen to them on vaccines, don’t listen to them in these elections as well.”

He said the opposition opposed and even mocked when ‘Jan Dhan’ accounts were opened in the banks. “We opened the door of the banks for the poor by opening their accounts. At that time, they said what the poor will do with the bank accounts when they don’t have money.

“But these Jan Dhan accounts became a support system for the poor, farmers and women. It has made possible for the small farmers, cattle breeders and those involved in fish farming to get easy loans for the banks. Besides, the BJP government has also closed the doors for the middlemen, who used to usurp money meant for you,” he said. Modi said that opposition party leaders are making tall claims of employment generation.

“I want to tell you their reality today. Yogi Adityanath has given government jobs to around five lakh youths. Before him, the governments which ruled the state for 10 years, gave jobs only to two lakh people. “Today, dynastic politicians are also talking about farmers and are making big claims for them. They are the people who closed dozens of sugar mills in UP and during whose regime, the farmers were cane charged for urea and fertilizer,” he claimed.

He said the government was seriously taking the problems being faced by the farmers from the stray animals. “I completely understand your concern and have found measures to solve it,” he added.

The PM said that people have seen how dynastic politicians showered affection on those carrying out terror attacks. “They had decided to release terrorists, who were accused of several blasts in UP. They did not want to prosecute the terrorists.

“The Samajwadi Party government was totally against imposing ban of the terror outfits. Therefore, I say that those who cannot think about the country, who compromise with the security of the nation, can never do any good to UP,” he added. (UNI)

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