Modalities finalised for ‘smart cards’ to Transhumant tribals

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Tribal Affairs Department in coordination with J&K Police, Forest Department and Census Operations Department has finalised the modalities for the ‘Smart Cards’ to be provided to Transhumant tribal families for hassle-free movement during migration and access to various services, officials said on Tuesday.

In a meeting, chaired by Secretary, Tribal Affairs, Shahid Iqbal Choudhary, a detailed presentation was made about the survey of migratory population and planned interventions in various sectors.

The cards are planned to “replace the multiple permissions regime and offer a unified central database to all the organisations and agencies for smooth and hassle-free movement of Transhumant families during the biannual vertical migration”.

Embedded with chip containing the demographic details, transit routes, originating place, destination and other vital statistics, these cards will end the process of multiple permissions.

The cards will also be utilised for various government services rolled out for the migratory population and will be issued based on the survey conducted by the department last year.

Chief Conservator of Forests, Samuel Chankija said that in view if implementing of The Scheduled Tribes and OTFD (Recognition of Rights) Act, the forest department is endeavouring for a hassle free process and suggested multiple card issuance points. Access will also be provided to the forest department for monitoring the process and also for surveys related to management of rangelands, he added.

The suggestion made by Police department for mapping of respective police stations was also included in the process. Access will also be provided to all the police stations enabling real-time updation of demographic details whenever required by the family.

Android devices and card readers will be provided to all nakas and posts of both police and forest Department for smooth movement of families.

Director, Census Operations J&K discussed coordination with Tribal Affairs Department for coverage of all the Dhoks (high land pastures) in the Census to avoid missing of any families or members.

The first survey of Transhumant population conducted by the Tribal Affairs Department will be referred as a source for planning the census operations.

The Tribal Research Institute, established as an autonomous body by the Tribal Affairs Department, will coordinate for preparedness of various plans in this regards. A pilot project of 10,000 smart cards will be rolled out in March to be followed by steps for coverage of nearly one lakh migratory families.

Aadhar linkage is also being enabled for benefits of various schemes. (IANS)

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