Kashmiri fan weaves Salman into a carpet

Srinagar: Craftsman Mohammad Hussain Bhat of Srinagar has weaved a unique handmade pure silk carpet inscribing the image of his heartthrob and Bollywood star Salman Khan. It took the 51-year-old six months to complete the portrait. The carpet size is 2.5 x 2.5 feet. No wonder, the unique product has gone viral on social media. “I have a dream to present this carpet to Salman Khan personally. I will proceed to Mumbai within a couple of days,” Hussain told UNI. Hussain, who has been producing hand woven carpet right from childhood, said: “Salman is humane in the film industry compared to other Bollywood actors.” He said he began work on the dream project in 2019. Said Hussain: “It took me 10 days to write the ‘Talim’… to get the perfect picture of my favorite actor.” Covid-19 proved to be a hurdle but Hussain persisted. “Since the effect of Covid has declined, I decided to make it public.” Hussain keeps watching Salman’s movies. “Everybody knows he is the best actor in Hindi cinema.”

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