Upload monthly performance on EPMP every month: Govt to employees

Srinagar: The government on Thursday ordered all Employees Working in various Government Departments, PSUs and Organizations to upload their monthly achievements or performance on J&K Employees Performance Monitoring Portal by or before 7 of every month from March.

“All Employees Working in various Government departments, PSUs and Organizations shall upload their monthly achievements/performance on J&K Employees Performance Monitoring Portal on https://epm.jk.gov.in by or before 7 of every month w.e.f. March 2022,” reads a government order.

“All the reviewing/ Controlling Officers shall review the self assessment of their immediate subordinates by 15th of every month,” the order added.

With a view to have an objective assessment of work done by employees working in various Departments/Organizations/PSUs, the Government has recently launched the Employees Performance Monitoring Portal for capturing their monthly achievements and work done. “The initiative besides providing a mechanism of self appraisal to the employees shall also provide a tool to the respective reporting/controlling officers for better Performance monitoring and Human Resource Management.” The facility shall be available on J&K Employees Performance Monitoring Portal on http://epm.jk.gov.in. which can be accessed through the existing CPIS IDs through One Time Password (OTP), which will be provided through SANDES application available both for Android and IOS users. “It is, accordingly, enjoined upon all the Government employees working in various Government Departments, Organizations and PSUs to download the SANDES Application for subsequent submission of their Monthly Performance Report on EPM Portal immediately”.

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