Govt promoting ‘vocal for local’: PM Modi

Sitapur (UP):  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday accused the previous governments of promoting import and said that today the government is promoting ‘vocal for local’ so that local products get promoted and more and more employment opportunities are created.

Addressing a rally here, Modi said, “For years in place of the skills of our craftsmen these dynasts gave emphasis on import. Today we are talking about ‘vocal for local’. Our efforts behind this is that maximum production takes place in the country and more and more employment opportunities are created.” He said that but the opposition leaders get pained from ‘vocal for local’.

“Opposition party leaders get hurt when we say ‘vocal for local’, because they know that by saying ‘vocal for local’ credit will go to Modi and Yogi. These dynastic people instead of promoting skills of our craftsmen emphasised on imports,” he said.

Modi said that those who promote rioters, goons and mafia can never do development of Uttar Pradesh. “Those who promote rioters, goons and mafia can never develop UP. People of UP know this very well, therefore they are saying ‘Aayegi toh BJP, Aayenge toh Yogi (BJP is coming back, Yogi is coming back),” he said.

He said that when rule of law is not there, the poor have to pay the price. “You have a house, a bungalow, vehicle, industry, farms and every happiness of the world, but if the dead body of your young daughter or son reaches home in the evening, then what’s the use of this home and money? You need security. When the rule of law is not there, the poor have to pay the most,” he said.

Modi said, “The poor are not heard under the rule of the mafia. This was the environment which dynastic governments created in UP. Now the Yogi government is working to rid the people of these rioters and criminals. Therefore today the entire UP is saying we will bring those, who have brought the rule of law.” He said that the ‘double engine’ government is working to make UP a ‘Uttam Pradesh’, to empower the poor with ‘double power’.

“It was a dream of our poor, backward, Dalit brothers and sisters to have a house of their own. The BJP government has given ‘pucca’ houses to 34 lakh poor in the last five years,” he said. He said that the BJP government has solved the biggest problem of women by constructing two crore toilets.

“Poor mothers, sisters and daughters required freedom from the humiliation of defecating in the open. Even after seven decades of independence they had to wait for the dark. Their pain can be felt only by a son, who has seen and lived in poverty. By constructing more than two crore ‘izzat ghar’, the BJP government has removed the biggest problem of their lives,” he said. Modi said that the poor have been benefited immensely from ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme during corona period.

“A poor, who could not even think of treatment in a hospital, is getting free treatment today,” he said.

He said, “Between 2007 to 2017 the previous governments gave jobs to less than two lakh youths in 10 years. The Yogi government gave 4.5 lakh jobs in five years. People of UP know very well that jobs were given during the dynastic governments.”

The PM said that before 2017 there was only the rule of mining and land mafias.

“Can mafias be concerned about the problem of floods being faced by Sitapur? Farmers of Sitapur can never forget how famers, who came to sell the sugarcane, were cane charged in front of the mill gate. Their track record had been of closing sugar factories. The Yogi government is only installing new sugar factories, but is also expanding the capacity of old one,” he said.

He said that the meaning of the BJP government in UP is continuous work for the welfare of the poor. “The BJP government in UP means implementation of central schemes with double speed, regular control over ‘danga raj’, ‘mafia raj’ and ‘gunda raj’, security for sisters and daughters from roadside romeos and freedom to celebrate festivals,” he said. (UNI)

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