Govt infuses new life to RTD, rolls out luxurious buses on Kashmir roads

By: Sameer Lone

Srinagar: Infusing new life to the Road Transport department, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has rolled out Luxurious Buses on Kashmir roads, which are set to bring respite among the people.

The demise of SRTC buses network used to ply on Kashmir roads some 20-30 years back had given birth to private transport network. With the emergence of private transport system came the monopoly on the overall transport network of Jammu and Kashmir which had more negatives than positives.

However, after over three decades of running into losses and presenting a dismal picture, the Lt Governor led administration has infused new life to the ailing Road Transport Department by bringing high tech luxurious buses on all the important routes of Kashmir.

The move has brought much needed relief to the common people and at the same time ended the monopoly especially of Sumo Drivers Associations and mini-bus drivers.

“The roll out of buses have helped in many ways, the cost of journey has reduced so has the time. These government buses have proper time schedules and don’t waste time unnecessarily by making unwanted stops, which is very common for Sumo drivers and mini-buses,” said Ghulam Rasool, a commuter who works in R&B department.

People at large hail the decision of the present dispensation and appeal that more such buses be introduced and frequency of trips be also increased.

As of now, according to a senior official in SRTC, which has been now renamed as Road Transport Corporation (RTC) that all the important roads have been connected especially the District Highways have been connected.

Apart from connecting villages and other towns with summer capital Srinagar by using new bus fleets, the Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) had purchased 40 electric buses under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing Hybrid and Electric (FAME) Vehicles scheme of the Central Government.

Under this scheme, both Jammu and Srinagar get 20 buses each, including charging points.

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