Dynasts want welfare schemes for poor to end: PM Modi

Kasganj (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday attacked the opposition and said out of frustration the ‘Parivaarwadis’ (dynasts) are doing everything in their power to end goodwill schemes aimed at upliftment of the poor. If voted to powers these parties which follow dynastic politics will stop all beneficial schemes for the poor that the BJP government under CM Yogi Adityanath has started in Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing a rally in Paniyara assembly constituency Modi said, “I want to caution the people of UP that these Parivaarwadis are so much frustrated that they have decided to close all schemes being run by BJP for the poor at the earliest if voted to power. Therefore never give a chance to such people.” “It is up to you to choose ‘parivaarwadis’ or ‘pragatisheelvadis’,” he said.

Modi termed reports of voting in favour of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during polling in the first phase of the UP elections as the positive attitude of the public.

“Yesterday polling was held for the first phase. People turned out in large numbers to vote for their security and development. They voted for BJP. “Parivaarwadis know that their boat has sunk, therefore they have started raising questions over EVM and the Election Commission,” he said.

The PM said that the affection and blessing the people are showering on himself and Adityanath has left Parivaarwadis sleepless. “Those who live in palaces are unaware of the reality of the poor in UP. Uttar Pradesh people know their reality therefore they vote for BJP,” he said. He accused the opposition of neglecting the poor.

“Our double-of engine government gave priority to the upliftment and development the poor. We gave them rights and basic facilities. “When Parivaarwadis were in power, they only filled their own houses and lockers, but they were never concerned about the poor,” he said.

Referring to Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav’s statement that corona vaccine was that of the BJP and asking the people not to take the jab, Modi alleged that the opposition made all efforts to ensure that the poor do not get corona vaccines. “They made all efforts so that the poor do not get corona vaccines, but this government of poor foiled their efforts,” he said.

He also attacked the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) alliance and accused them of nurturing nepotism. “In politics, nepotism is the biggest threat to the Constitution,” he said.

Modi said: “Nepotism is a great threat to the Constitution. If Babasaheb would have wanted that then he would have formed a party of his family, but he didn’t do that. Because he knew that nepotism is a big threat to young talent.

“Congress do not want talent to come forward.” Highlighting the works done by the Yogi government for the welfare and development of all sections of the society, he warned the electorate that if family-oriented government comes to power in place of development-oriented then ‘mafia raj’ will return and all development works will be erased.

Modi said: “These absolute Parivaarwadis have fielded such criminals who want to seek revenge from you. “To defeat these criminals and goons you have to vote unitedly in the favour of BJP candidates. Never give criminals a chance to take revenge.”

Highlighting the achievements of the Yogi government, Modi said: “Now every grain of ration meant for the poor, Dalits and backward classes, and being sent from Delhi is reaching the right beneficiary.

“There is no ration mafia in UP therefore it is reaching directly to the poor,” he said. The PM said, “These people used to do scams in the name of health services, but the Yogi government created a web of hospitals and medical colleges. What is happening under the Yogi government’s rule has never happened in the country,” he said. He also raised the issue of public security in UP prominently.

“People of UP do not want gundaraj to return,” he said. “Whom the people of UP taught a lesson in 2017 have now realised that there is no resort other than talking about development. Therefore even they are talking about development,” he said.

Terming Chief Minister Adityanath as a leader with a clean image, he said, “You have a Chief Minister on whom the opposition never made an attempt to level charges of corruption. The people of UP know very well what type of charges were levelled against the previous CMs.” Earlier, the CM in this address announced to construct a road and name a crossing in the name of legendary singer and Bharat Ratna late Lata Mangeshkar.

Modi welcomed the step and said, “The decision of the Yogi government is a welcome step. Lata Mangeshkar, whose native house is in Goa and who was devotee of Shri Ram, a crossing in Ayodhya will be named after her. This is the unity of India. I congratulate the Yogi government for this decision.” (UNI)

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