GI Label For Kashmir Carpets

Indian Institute of Carpet Technology (IICT) introduced QR Code mechanism for the purpose of testing and certification of hand-knotted carpets produced in Kashmir under Geographical Indication of Goods Act 1999 was formally launched by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

The QR Code along with ‘GI’ logo shall be printed on a unique destructible label. By virtue of this QR Code mechanism, the customer would be able to check and verify requisite details of carpet with the help of Smart Phone before purchasing the same just to confirm its genuineness and authenticity along with other related parameters of carpets. It comes as a shot in the arm for Kashmir’s hand-knotted carpet famous for its intricate and colourful floral patterns.

Kashmir’s traders’ body welcomed the step as it will help in checking the cheating and misbranding that has badly dented the Carpet Industry in Kashmir.

The GI tagging restores customer’s confidence, bedsides protects authenticity of artisans.  As has been correctly stated by the Kashmir traders’ body, the GI for Kashmir hand-knotted carpets will capture vital parameters of the Carpet—GI user, manufacturers, artisans, knots per square inch, the material used etc.

Kashmir enjoys a prominent position on the world map of exports. However, over the past few years, machine made and fake goods are being sold in the name Kashmir handicrafts which is detrimental to the future of the craft sector. The introduction of QR code will surely facilitate the artisans and weavers to avail testing, certification, and labelling facility for authentication of the products.

To ensure long term survival of the Kashmir craft sector, the QR code will go a long term and will restore its exclusivity, elegance and traditional splendour for which it is known internationally.

While certification is welcome, the government needs to take steps that will ensure better production.  Those associated with trade should be taken care of. GI label should bring more people back into the craft and wages must increase.

Necessary support should be rendered to the weavers and efforts should be made to revive the trade.   The GI should improve the income level of concerned weavers significantly and their interests should be protected through authentic trade.

There is hoping that the initiative will give much-needed fillip and boost to the carpet industry for manufacturing hand-knotted carpets as per the pre-decided parameters and specifications.


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