J&K Police’s ‘khakhi’ to don GPS fitted body cams

By: Vishal Bharti

Jammu: To capture the happenings in more transparent manner especially during anti-militancy operations, ‘Khakhi’ of Jammu and Kashmir will soon don GPS fitted body cams.

“Previously, the traffic cops were equipped with the body cams but soon, the gadgets will appear on the uniform of ‘men in khakhi’ especially those who are dealing with law and order problem and are engaged in counter-insurgency operations,” a senior police official said.

He said the exercise to reform and modernize Jammu and Kashmir Police is already in place for the past couple of years in view of the challenges being faced by the cops, adding, “our men, who are fighting to defeat nefarious designs initiated by the Pakistan, will soon be equipped with state-of-the-art assault rifles and body cams.”

Notably, the Jammu and Kashmir Police have also recently been laced with hi-tech military-grade weapons.

“The decision to equip our cops was taken to prevent and rescue from allegations leveled on them by some so-called human rights activists and supporters of militants and separatists, raising fingers at the functioning of one of the professional forces in the country,” he said.

“J&K Police is shouldering Army and BSF and other para-military forces during counter-insurgency operations and to modernize them further, the uniforms will have body cams for more transparent working,” said the official.

The state-of-the-art body cams soon to be procured by the Jammu and Kashmir Police will have 10-megapixel cameras that will be capable of operating even in all weather conditions, he said.

“The cameras will be GPS fitted and nobody will be able to tamper the recordings, photographs and videos captured,” he said.

The auto-focussed lens in the body cam will be able to record the activity within a radius of about 15 meters even in the darkness, adding he said, “It will be equipped with night vision and infra LED lights to be fitted on helmets or on uniforms.”

Stating that body cams will soon be an integral part of ‘Khakhi’, the officer said the gadget will be fully capable of capturing all activities around 24×7 when the jawans are on job.

“Presently, only traffic cops in some states like Maharashtra, Delhi and Kerala are using these cameras but the Jammu and Kashmir Police will be the first to be equipped with body cams during operational activities and law and order matters,” he disclosed. (UNI)

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