Inaccurate COVID vaccination certificates: Health Deptt starts drive to identify cases

Jammu: Jammu & Kashmir Health Department has started a special drive to identify people who have received the COVID vaccination certificate despite being administered with only one dose. In each case, authorities are collecting inputs from such beneficiaries and ensuring actual administration of vaccines to each at the earliest. At the same time, the Department has issued strict and necessary instructions in this manner to avoid such incidents in future.

During campaign mode of covid vaccination such isolated incidents of unintentional wrong entries have happened because of the sudden increase in data uploads into the Cowin portal and unintentional mistakes by support staff. It may be mentioned that Jammu and Kashmir has administered close to 2 crore doses and is the forerunner in the country in vaccinating its eligible population. Such cases constitute a microscopic minority, maybe in single digits.

In a recent incident, it was noticed that two beneficiaries aged 51 and 49, belonging to Block Sogam, District Kupwara, were inadvertently marked as vaccinated with second dose as of 11th September 2021, while actually they were yet to receive their second dose physically. Upon identification of the cases, immediate arrangements to administer missed vaccine doses at the beneficiaries’ home were made.

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