Dir SKIMS reviews status of COVID-19 cases

Srinagar: Director SKIMS, Prof. Parvaiz A. Koul Friday took urgent virtual meeting with the members of the Advisory and Core Committee to review the status of COVID-19 cases.

The Advisory Committee decided that there will be full compliance to government order with regard to closure of OPD’s and Elective Surgeries.

However, SKIMS will continue with Tele-Consultations and emergency surgeries which will be prioritized by concerned consultants and other required services. Those patients that are in need of OPD Consultation after Tele-Consultation will be provided the services and managed accordingly. However, there would be strict adherence to the COVID guidelines.

Director SKIMS instructed that the critical areas like testing, oxygen supply, masks and other required facilities should be continuously monitored by the concerned officers and all processes with regard to purchase of any supplies like testing kits, masks etc should be expedited and purchased on war-footing basis.

He further instructed Medical Superintendent SKIMS to closely monitor the critical service areas and ensure uninterrupted services to the patients and directed all HOD’s to make rational use of human resources to limit the exposure of healthcare workers.

It was also decided considering the transmissibility of the new “Omicron variant” there is an immediate need of a Triage Center in the emergency area to segregate the patients and contain the further spread of the infection. Medical Superintendent, SKIMS with HOD, Emergency Medicine, SKIMS will coordinate and have it operational immediately.

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