‘Lack of decorum in Parliament, assemblies a matter of concern’

Guwahati: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Friday said disruption of proceedings and lack of decorum in Parliament and state assemblies is a matter of concern, adding pre-planned disruptions are more disturbing.

The Speaker said that obstacles in proceedings in both the parliament and the state assemblies are ethically and constitutionally wrong.

Stressing on debates and dialogue, Birla while addressing the Assam Assembly, said that democracy would be further strengthened on the basis of debates and discussion.

“Continuous disruption of proceedings in the House and lack of decorum is a matter of concern,” he said, adding that it is usual that the treasury and opposition benches would disagree on various issues and matters, but dissidence should not create a stalemate.

Urging the political parties to hold discussions on important and critical issues, Birla said that to keep the hopes and aspirations of the people, every one must ensure that the House functions in a smooth manner to achieve the desired goal.

“Elected representatives must focus on the discussion, debate and exchange of ideas to further boost the democratic values.

“India’s democratic traditions do not support the disruption and adjournment of proceedings in the houses and urged the legislators to keep in mind the hopes and aspirations of the people,” he said.

Birla said India is a diverse country and parliamentary democracy is very essential in India and as the country celebrates 75 years of Independence, it is utmost important to revisit how the House functions as parliament and state legislative assemblies are integral part of the entire system.

The Lok Sabha Speaker, who also launched the Assam Legislative Assembly Digital TV, underlined that Assam and the remaining part of the northeastern region connects the rest of India with richly diverse life and culture as diversity in India further strengthen the democracy.

“People always gave importance to the electoral system. Our elections are free, fair and transparent and the country has seen as many as 17 general generals and over 300 elections to state assemblies. However, the transition of the rule has always been smooth and hassle free,” the Lok Sabha Speaker pointed out.

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