EJAC appeals Govt to settle issues of protesting PDD employees

Srinagar: The Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) Monday urged the government to hold the meaningful talks with the leaders of the JKPEECC at the earliest without losing the precious time.

The EJAC in a statement expressed its deep concern as the way government tries to handle the issue. Government should come with concrete proposals to settle the issues of these employees once for all.

EJAC President Fayaz Ahmad Shabnam said that the struggle of the protesting electric employees is genuine and government should not make it point of prestige rather show its magananimity  in resolving the issues.

The EJAC shall not spare any opportunity to standby JKPEECC in their endeavors to get the honorable solution of the projected demands. As already made it public, the EJAC fully supports the organization for getting all the issues solved.

EJAC reiterated its commitment and the stand with the leaders of the JKPEECC.

“The government should not test the patience of the employees rather act sagaciously in view of the sufferings of the stake holders. The employees won’t be left in lurch at this stage. We stand like a rock behind them,”” said Shabnam.

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