JK Police to use bulletproof vehicles, new gadgets in Kashmir

Srinagar: In view of the recent attacks on Jammu and Kashmir police in the Kashmir Valley, the security forces have decided to step up the security grid across the Union Territory.

The Jammu and Kashmir police have been asked to remain extra alert, while the security networks are working to counter the militant organizations.

The Jammu and Kashmir police will now be given bulletproof vehicles to move from one place to another in Kashmir Valley. The Jammu Kashmir Police has also issued new guidelines for the soldiers. The cops are told not to go out of their places of postings or deployment alone and unarmed.

“We are taking all the preventive measures to counter these attacks, we will be providing bulletproof vehicles to the policemen traveling from one place to another. The lighting arrangements will also be put in place. Road opening parties will stay longer at the time of movement of Police Vehicles,” said Vijay Kumar, IG Kashmir.

The Jammu and Kashmir Policemen who are off duty have been asked to remain extra vigilant. They have been told to remain extra alert while attending any social gatherings such as weddings, religious places etc.

The number of security personnel on the ground has also been increased. New bunkers have been put in place, and checkpoints at various places specially roads leading to different districts of Kashmir valley have been set up. (KINS)

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