Grim Milestone: Omicron Cases Cross 100 In India 

The Omicron variant of covid-19 has been spreading at a rapid pace. Already grim milestone of 100 has been surpassed in India, around fortnight after the first cases emerged. The two cases in India were reported by Karnataka on December 2.

With the coronavirus’ Omicron variant spreading very fast across Europe and other parts of the world, people need to avoid non-essential travel, the centre said. “They must also avoid mass gatherings, and New Year celebrations need to be at low intensity.”

The J&K government’s response so far has been swifter compared to earlier this year when the Delta variant began to make its presence felt.

far no case has been confirmed in J&K or Ladakh. There is no room for complexity either, considering what has been seen in South Africa, where the variant seems to be spreading rapidly.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Friday called for the need to have tough measures as he reviewed measures against covid-19 situation.

“Due to surge in cases of new variant Omicron worldwide, we need to have tough measures in place to prevent contagion. Civil & Police administration to ensure everyone follows COVID-appropriate behavior,” he said

It is also true that there is little known about how significant a threat Omicron poses besides being readily transmissible. It is not known if this variant leads to more severe, or milder, illness and it will take weeks before one of the most crucial questions is answered: How does it affect people who have had a past infection, vaccine shots, or both?

United States health officials said that while the omicron variant is rapidly spreading, early indications suggest it may be less dangerous than delta, which continues to drive a surge of hospitalizations globally.

President Joe Biden’s chief medial adviser, Dr Anthony Fauci has said that scientists need more information before drawing conclusion’s about omicron’s severity.

It is also true that undue alarm will only serve to create a distraction at a time when the focus needs to be on scientific evidence but there is need for covid-19 appropriate behavior as been rightly asked to be adhered to by the officials given the fact that WHO has said that measures that work again delta variant work against omicron also.

So, while authorities have done well to bolster surveillance at airports, they must also make sure that there is no let-up in the general levels of testing and contact tracing besides compliance to CAB.  Lieutenant Governor has rightly called for tough measures and ensuring adherence to CAB.

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