Srigufwara hospital: Inapt arrangements add to woes of patients

‘X-ray, ECG machines remain defunct in absence of electricity, generator’

By: Ahmad Shabir

Anantnag: The patients visiting Srigufwara hospital in medical block Sallar of South Kashmir’s Anantnag district are mostly being forced to conduct tests at the private clinics outside as the hospital is not able to ensure round-the-clock electricity to keep the machines functioning.

Sources within the hospital told Precious Kashmir that the non-availability of fuel to run the generator at Srigufwara hospital is compelling the patients to get the investigations done at private diagnostic centers or seek treatment at other healthcare facilities far away from the area.

Located at Tehsil headquarter, Srigufwara, around a dozen villages depend on healthcare needs on the hospital both during day and night.

Such is the infrastructure of the hospital that X ray and ECG is done only during day time when there is electricity, they said, adding that the generator provided to the hospital by the Army several years ago is rusting for want of use.

“Though the hospital has high capacity generator but we don’t have a fuel to run the same as a result of which patients have to rush to private centers or other hospitals for the purpose when the power supply is off,” hospital sources said.

During night hours, the locals complained that most of the patients who have to undergo the said investigations are simply asked to visit GMC Anantnag for treatment.

“In night hours, none of the investigations are done at the hospital, resulting into the delay in the treatment to many patients, who need immediate treatment,” said a local, Adil Ahmad.

Ahmad, a resident of Hugam said that he went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago late night after developing pain in chest and left arm.

“Doctor on night duty examined me well but suggested to go through immediate ECG. When I told him to do it here he clearly told me that the test is done at the hospital only during day time that too during hours of electricity supply. Private diagnostic centre outside too was shut and I had to immediately rush to GMC Anantnag in the dead of night,” he said.

Many other locals from different villages depending on the hospital for healthcare needs rued the non-availability of facilities at the hospital despite being located at Tehsil headquarter catering to dozens of villages especially during night hours.

A doctor posted at the hospital said that they have been asking the higher ups for several years to provide fuel for generator but there is nobody to listen.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Anantnag, Dr Mukhtar said that he will talk to concerned Block Medical Officer (BMO) in this regard. “The hospital has a very big high capacity generator. The hospital will soon get a new small generator through BDC to resolve the issue,” CMO said.

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