Whole world appreciated air, surgical strikes: Amit Shah  

‘India will develop indigenous anti-drone technology soon’

Jaisalmer: India is developing indigenous anti-drone technology, Home Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday, as he stressed on the importance of the Border Security Force(BSF) in national security.

Speaking on the occasion of the 57th Raising Day of the Border Security Force (BSF) in Jaisalmer, the Home Minister said that for the first time since the establishment of BSF in 1965, it has been decided to celebrate the foundation day of BSF in the border district of the country, as he attended the raising day event here.

“The Border Security Force, NSG and DRDO are making efforts to deal with the threat of drones and create drone resistance systems. Soon we will be able to create a resistance system to control drones,” Shah said.

He also mentioned the surgical strikes, and the Balakot airstrike.

“Under the Modi govt we have taken security of our borders seriously, wherever there have been attempts to encroach along the border, we have retaliated immediately. When there were attacks in Uri and Pulawama, govt immediately took a decision and the air strike and surgical strike were appreciated by the whole world,” Shah said.

Shah said more than 35,000 personnel of Border Security Force, Police Forces and CAPFs have made the supreme sacrifice across the country and the BSF is at the forefront.

He said the BSF guards the most difficult borders of India – the Bangladesh border of 4,165 kms and the 3,323 km long Pakistan border.

“The security of these two borders is the most difficult, but this force of more than 193 battalions and 2,65,000 personnel has protected these borders very well,” he said.

The Home Minister also recalled the battle of Longewala and said Army and the BSF together displayed indomitable courage in 1971 in Longewala, driving out an entire tank battalion.

“Even though the enemy was greater in number and had modern weaponry, yet the victor is the one who faces the enemy with courage and valour inspired by the spirit of patriotism,” he said.

He also highlighted that the budget for road construction for good infrastructure for border security was about Rs. 23,000 crores between 2008 to 2014, but after Narendra Modi government came to power, between 2014 to 2020, it has been increased from Rs. 23,000 crores to Rs. 44,600 crores.

He also said recruitment of 50,000 jawans has been completed in BSF, and efforts are being made to increase recruitment further.


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