Gulmarg abuzz with tourists amid snowfall

Gulmarg: Famous ski resort of Gulmarg in north Kashmir is abuzz with tourists who  have come here from various parts of India are cherishing the site of snowfall.

Children, young women and men were seen playing with snow, throwing it on each other to express their joy.

About two to three inches of snow had accumulated on the slopes of Gulmarg and it continued to snow throughout the day, the tourists were thrilled at the site of snowfall at this picturesque place and enjoyed themselves in the outdoors.

Pinky Misdhar, a tourist from Delhi was so excited after witnessing the snowfall that she described Gulmarg as an “unmatched place on earth”. “My first Kashmir trip has paid me back with such lovely weather and to watch live snowfall”, she said.

A large number of tourist vehicles were stuck in traffic jams on the Tangmarg-Gulmarg road due to snowfall and slippery road conditions prevailing there. Many of the tourists were leaving their vehicles on the road side and preferred to walk amid the snowfall.

Jasmeet Singh also from New Delhi said “I am thankful to God and the people of Kashmir who brought me here to show the sprawling scene of the snowfall in Gulmarg”. “it is really a heaven on earth and I am lucky to be in it”, Singh said and was all praise for the local Kashmiri people for their hospitality.

He said “it is entirely a different experience here in Gulmarg to sip a cup of tea in a small Dhaba with mathi while watching snowfall”. He requested every citizen of India to come to Gulmarg and experience their life in “heaven on earth”.

Amid heavy traffic jams on the road, the tourists were seen walking on foot crossing the slippery road amid snowing in the valley of meadows, Gulmarg.

Ashotosh from Maharashtra was delighted to get a picture of himself in Gulmarg amid snowing, said “It is a very special moment of my life to see myself in Gulmarg that too amid snowfall”

Jigar who had come all along from Mumbai was all praise for the wonderful atmosphere of nature and said that he had never seen such a lovely place till now in his life. “I am thankful to God for showing me such a lovely place and in such beautiful weather conditions”, Jigar said.

He said there are so many places in India worth seeing, but advised everyone to  come to Gulmarg at least once during winter “to spend precious moments of life here amid snowing”.

Beena from Mumbai had cancelled her flight for the day when she saw snowfall. “ I never thought that I would be able to see such beautiful weather”.

She was all praise for local people who never misguided any tourist. “I suggest tourists to be in touch with the local people here during their adventure trip so that they do not have any difficulity”, she advised.

“What we had heard about this place is very little, it is a wonderful place that appeals to people around the country to come and experience their stay in Gulmarg”, Beena said.

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