2 ponny walas set another example of honesty, hospitality in Kashmir  

Travelled to Srinagar from Pahalgam, return valuable bracelet to Gujrati visitor

By: Ahmad Shabir

Anantnag: Setting an another example of honesty and hospitality in Kashmir, two ponny operators of the famed tourist spot Pahalgam have returned the golden bracelet to a tourist from Gujrat, which he had lost during his stay in the tourist resort a few days ago.

The duo travelled all the way from Pahalgam to Srinagar in a passenger vehicle to return the bracelet to the tourist that he had received as gift from his wife on his engagement.

Afroz Ahmad and Arif Ahmad Wani, who are operating ponies from Pine and Peak hotel ponny stand found the bracelet while taking the tourists to some scenic spot on their ponies.

As soon as they found the golden bracelet, the duo at the very moment decided to locate its owner and return it to him.

Since the tourist having lost the costly bracelet had left Pahalgam for Srinagar, the ponny wallas started inquiring about his further travel plans from the hotel staff.

The duo managed to locate the contact number of the driver who had ferried the tourist to Srinagar from Pahalgam.

“We contacted the driver who got us in touch with the tourist. We asked him to drop the photo of his lost bracelet on Whatsapp which he did. After seeing the photo when it turned out to be the same bracelet that we had found we immediately called him back and assured him that the his bracelet is in the safe hands,” said the duo.

The two poor pony operators boarded the passenger vehicle to reach Srinagar in order to handover the bracelet to him.

“During our travel, the tourist called us many a time. He seemed to be unsure about getting his bracelet back but all the way we kept on telling him to be at ease and that you will get back your bracelet as soon as we reach Srinagar,” the duo said.

As soon as the duo reached Srinagar, they rang the tourist to know his location and within half-an-hour they arrived at the hotel he was staying in and handed him his the lost bracelet.

“The man was more than happy when we returned him his bracelet. His joy knew no bounds as the bracelet besides costly was valuable for him for the reason that it had been gifted to him on his engagement,” the duo said.

Since the tourist had lost all the hopes, the duo said, he showered praises not only on the honesty of Kashmiris but their hospitality as well.

The duo for last three days has been praised on social media sites for the honesty with many saying that they proved beyond doubt that Kashmiris are honest and hospitable.

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