Awantipora hospital building lies defunct, turn hub for drugs

By: Jahangeer Ganaie

Awantipora: A building for a hospital which was constructed years before in Hariparigam area of  Awantipora district is lying in dilapidated condition as authorities have failed to make it operational.

Locals from Hariparigam village said that building was completed years before with a huge cost but due to unknown reasons it has been left abandoned.

“The hospital was completed years ago but it hasn’t been made functional due to which it is getting dilapidated with each passing day,” they said.

“It has been years since it was left abandoned due to which its windows, doors besides washroom, power fitting and other things have suffered damage but nobody cares,” said Mehraj Ahmad, a local resident.

“The building is now being used by drug addicts due to which eve teasing incidents have become common in the area besides that students of the nearby school especially girls are feeling insecure,” Mehraj said.

“We have brought this issue to the notice of concerned authorities several times but no attention is being paid towards it,” said another local. “Officials in the last few years have visited here twice but nothing was done on the ground as the building continues to remain defunct.”

Locals requested higher ups to look into the matter at an earliest and make it functional so that locals can heave a sigh of relief.

“If government doesn’t want to make it functional, then they must dismantle it so that it won’t become a safe place for drug addicts,” they said.

A senior health official said that they have taken up the issue with the R & B department to complete all minor work within one week after which it will be made functional. (KNO)

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