In 2020, 287 suicide cases reported in J&K: NCRB

By: Sajidah Yousuf

Srinagar: In Jammu and Kashmir, at least 287 suicide cases were reported from the region in 2020.

The figures regarding the accidental deaths and suicides across India in 2020 were revealed by the National Crime Records Bureau for Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) that was released earlier in last week of October.

As per the data, Jammu and Kashmir reported 287 suicide cases, including 157 males and 130 females, with a projected mid-year population of 133.4 Lakh.

In the Srinagar district, 200 percent increase in the number of suicide cases, with 6 cases reported in 2020 against the 2 cases in 2019.

NCRB data revealed that, in J&K, 29 suicide cases of marriage related issues were reported and 14 suicide cases of non-settlement of marriage issue and one suicide case of bankruptcy or indebtedness was reported.

“In J&K, seven suicide cases of dowry-related issues and eight suicide cases of extramarital affairs were also reported in the year 2020 and 15 suicide cases of failure in examination,” reveals the data.

As per the data, over 20 suicide cases of family problems, five suicide cases due to illness, and as many cases of insanity or mental illness were reported in J&K in 2020. Further, 25 suicides of love affairs, one each suicide case of fall in social reputation, drug abuse and alcoholic addiction were reported in J&K.

The data further reveals that in the same year 13 suicide cases due to poverty, 46 suicide cases due to unemployment and one suicide case due to poverty were reported. The report also states that 101 suicide cases, of which the reason is unknown and 23 suicide cases with other reasons, were reported in J&K. (KNO)

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