Delhi govt seeks youth’s social media vigour to fight pollution

New Delhi: Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Thursday sought young generation’s support in fighting air pollution, asking them to use social media platforms like WhatsApp to help government curb the annual menace.
“To strengthen our movement against air pollution, we seek to address the participation of Delhi’s youth in this fight, we have launched Paryavaran Saathi chatbot. The objective of this chatbot is to enable the youth, especially those who regularly use WhatsApp and other social media platforms, to play a crucial role in the fight against pollution, to become a Paryavaran Saathi,” Rai said while launching the chatbot.
“UNICEF’s YuWaah team has already used the means of such a chatbot for various social activities, bringing around 10 lakh young people on board with them, around 50,000 of them belonging to Delhi. All you have to do to make use of this chatbot is text ‘Hi!’ to the number 9650-414141 on WhatsApp,” he added.
Youth will be asked to perform a set of tasks in the chatbot, on the successful completion of which points will be allotted. Hundred youths who lead with the highest number of points will be awarded and rest will be given a certificate.
He also launched website: — a one-stop for all air pollution-related queries.
“This website will act like a single point source to spread awareness and information about the Delhi government’s fight against pollution. It will also host critical information to benefit the residents of Delhi. For instance, AQI levels of the state will be readily available on the website. In a short while, PM2.5 and PM10 levels in specific will also be available on the website for everyone to see. One will be able to visit the website and see local pollution levels around various centres across Delhi,” the minister added.
Information on Electric Vehicle policy, DTC bus routes, PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificates, tree transplantation, free plant distribution at government nurseries will also be available.

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