Security Related Expenditure:  J&K Govt asks departments to submit budget estimates for their adoption by MHA

By: Ibni Maqbool

Srinagar: The Jammu & Kashmir administration has directed its departments to submit budget estimates against security related expenditure(SRE) for their adoption by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The J&K government’s Finance Department has written to departments to furnish revised estimates 2021-22 and budget estimates 2022-23 against SRE (Police) & SRE (Relief & Rehabilitation) for adoption by MHA in its demand for grants.

The directive has been sent to the departments after MHA wrote to the J&K government to furnish the information. “In this connection, it is once again requested to furnish the required information immediately enabling this department to forward the same to MHA, GOI, New Delhi, “reads the reminder sent by the Finance department.

The departments have been directed that while reviewing / firming up proposals for revised estimates/budget estimates they should keep priorities in mind and identify such activity/ scheme which can be eliminated/reduced in size / merged with any other scheme/activity.

They have also been asked to undertake thorough assessment of ground realities at field level to arrive at accurate projections in all cases.

They departments have also been asked take into account past experience of achieving targets (both physical and financial) and bottlenecks, if any.

The SRE (police) scheme was introduced in 1989- 90 by MHA for supporting the logistical requirements of the police force of J&K in order to combat militancy in the State. It broadly covers carriage of constabulary, logistic support for security forces(SFs), honorarium of SPOs, civic action plan for J&K police, creation and upgradation of infrastructure.

The SRE(R&R) scheme was also introduced in 1989-90 for supporting the relief and

rehabilitation of  Kashmiri migrants who fled the Valley after eruption of militancy.


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