Covid SOP violations: Lockdown may return to Srinagar areas

By: Afaq Bhat
Srinagar: Amidst the spike in COVID-19 cases in Srinagar city, the administration has warned of stern action against the people who will violate the SOPs.
Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Muhammad Aijaz Asad after conducting surprise inspections of the markets in the city on Monday stated that the administration will impose strict lockdown in these areas in a few days. “Some areas are continuously violating Covid SoPs. We can’t make the entire district hostile for violation being done by a few areas. We are planning to impose a strict lockdown in the areas that violate Covid SOPs,” local news agency quoted DC Srinagar as having said.
An observer while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “People need to realize that the pandemic is not over yet and the virus can raise its ugly head anytime. It’s unfortunate that SOPs are being violated and people have started believing that the COVID-19 is over. Very few people are seen wearing masks and marinating social distance. The market places remain crowded so do the public transport vehicles. This needs to be checked. If the Covid cases keep on increasing, the administration will be left with no other option other than imposing a lockdown to stop the virus from getting transmitted.”
It’s in place to mention here that there was no significant change in the revised COVID-19 guidelines that were issued on Sunday. Schools continue to remain closed and the number of people attending a gathering has been limited to 25 persons only.
A medico said, “The COVID-19 can only be defeated through more and more people getting vaccinated as the inoculation only will help in developing the herd immunity. It has to be achieved to resume the normal life and till the herd immunity is achieved we have to follow the SOPs in letter and spirit.”
He said that the vaccine hesitancy has to end. “People have to come forward and get vaccinated. It has been observed that people who have taken COVID-19 jabs have developed anti-bodies and are in a better position to fight the virus,” the medico added.
An official said, “The administration is keeping a watch and if the COVID-19 cases keep on increasing, the areas where the cases are on rise will be declared as containment zones and all activities in these areas will be suspended. It’s for people to decide what they want to opt for either a lockdown or following the COVID-19 sops. Ball is in their court and they need to choose.”

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