Alarming figures: SMHS Hospital records 68 suicide attempts in April, 128 in May

Afaq Bhat
Srinagar: Surge in suicide attempts in Kashmir during the past two months is not good news.
According to the data the SMHS Hospital here received 68 suicide attempt cases in April 2021 and in May the number went upto 128.
There are reports that at least 20 to 30 people with suicidal thoughts visit MICU the Community Health Center of SMHS Hospital daily.
A medico while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “It’s unfortunate that we receive young people in critical condition. In most of the cases, the suicide attempts are made by consuming some poisonous substance. Ones, who reach hospital on time, are treated, but the ones who can’t end up losing their lives.”
He said, “It’s strange that media only highlights the suicide cases. No attempt is made to report the stories of those people who are helped by the doctors to overcome the suicidal thoughts.”
An analyst said that not long ago suicides were uncommon in Kashmir. “But during the past few years such cases have witnessed a spike. It’s a cause of concern. We need to sit back and introspect.  Every death by suicide leaves behind a trail of questions and a deep sense of helplessness. There is a need to identify the crisis building within ourselves and others, and to learn how to avert it,” he added.
“Religious scholars can play an important role to prevent people from taking such an extreme step. They have to educate people about life being the most precious gift and no one can snatch his own life. Clerics need to come forward and lead from the front. Religious and social organizations need to create awareness about the importance of life. Parents should keep a watch over the activities of their children and if they notice any changes in their behavior they should not ignore it,” the analyst said.
A doctor said, “It is important to realise that suicidal thoughts come and go, and that if one makes it through the most difficult moments, he or she has a chance at feeling better. Discussing the problem with someone who can help one keep safe is very important.”
Some people are of the opinion that Covid-19 has hit the livelihood of people. “In such a situation, suicidal tendencies are growing. People have lost their sources of income and also kith and kin to the pandemic. This factor cannot be ignored. These are testing times and we need to extend a helping hand to each other,” said an observer.

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