US will further expand on seizure of Iran’s press TV website – State Dept

Washington: The Justice Department will have more to say on the US government’s seizure of Iran’s state-owned Press TV website, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Tuesday.
As of Tuesday, Press TV’s website is showing a message saying the domain has been seized by the US government. Other Iran-backed media websites display the same message.
“I would point you to the Department of Justice, I understand they will have more information to add later today,” Price said, responding to a question from a reporter regarding the seizure.
Sputnik reached out to the FBI and the US Department of Commerce to confirm the seizure, but they did not respond immediately to the inquiry.
Media reported that the webpages of Iran’s international media outlet Al-Alam and Yemen’s television channel Al Masirah were also seized by the US government. (Sputnik)

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