Jammu Docs manage premature birth of quadruplet in private hospital, all COVID infection free

Jammu: At a time when the world is fighting against COVID pandemic, some smiles were spread across by the team of Jammu based doctors, who managed the premature birth of a quadruplet in a private hospital here.

Moreover, all newly born and the mother are COVID infection free and healthy.

Talking to UNI on Monday, Dr Vikas Mahajan, a renowned paediatrician from Jammu and Kashmir, who supervised the Neonatal care to the quads, said, “the rare birth becomes all the more significant since the mother ran into premature labour in the 30th week of pregnancy and had to be called in for an emergency cesarean section surgery”.

The doctors successfully managed the birth of quadruplets at SDDM hospital in Channi Himmat, Jammu.

The team of doctors who supervised the prolonged care of the mother as well as the quads was lead by Obstetric and Anesthesia team including Dr Sunil Chowdhary, Dr Jyotsana Lamba and Dr Sanam whereas dedicated and experienced Neonatal team under the supervision of Dr Mahajan, provided the Neonatal care to the newly born.

“Being prematurely born, each newborn was between one and 1.2 kg in weight and needed intensive care for around 1.5 to 2 months care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU),” asserted the paediatrician further adding that all four of them have been safely discharged with no complications from the hospital.

The hospital management and parents of quads, hailing from Poonch, have lauded the doctors for professionalism and adherence to high standards in providing health care to the family.

“The birth of the quadruplets took place at a time when Jammu, often in news for its lack of healthcare infrastructure and was battling with the peak of the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic,” expressed a local on hearing news at the hospital.

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